3 Homemade Cosmetics With Tea

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3 Homemade Cosmetics With Tea

Hello spring, hello beauty!!!! It’s time for you and for your body.  It’s tea time for your skin. Prepare your skin and your hair for the most important meeting of this month: first day of spring!!!! So, I recomand you 3 simple homemade cosmetics with the wonder  ingredient: tea.

I’m sure that all of you has  tea in one of her kitchen cabinets. So, you have 3 ideas for homemade cosmetics with tea, for your body - rooisbos tea, for your face skin - green tea and for a beautiful hair - white tea.

You have to try these simple recipes! Your body will be grateful to you!

1. Rooibos Tea Moisturizer

1  cup of olive oil

2 tbls of coconut oil

2 tbls of honey

2  cups of rooibos tea

2 tbls of aloe vera gel

1 tea spoon of vitamin E

In a small pot, put on bain marie olive oil, coconut oil and honey. Add 2 cups of rooibos tea, aloe vera gel and vitamin E. All of these ingredients moisturize your dry skin, and togheter are a blessing for your body.

rooibos tea moisturizer 2


2. Green Tea Face Tonic

Just make a cup of green tea with mineral water. Use it  in every morning for a fresh look and a natural glow.

green tea face tonic

3.White Tea For A Beautiful Hair

Wash your hair with white tea. And in the next hot days of summer, the white tea  protect your hair against UV sunlight .

white tea for hair

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