Best Hungarian Dishes

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Best Hungarian Dishes

I noticed that my blog is full of “best hungarian sweats”, “best hungarian dishes/food”& co :)) And I’m not a hungarian girl. I’m just a girl who like to travel and to taste the traditional dishes of every country (I think that the food can tell us  a lot about people). And I fall in love over and over again with the hungarian kitchen.

I was in Budapest for the new year’s eve  and I have discovered 2 new incredible restaurants in Budapest and I want to share with you some good hungarian food pictures.

First stop, at the Szamos Gourmet Palace, placed on Vaci Uta. It’s a amazing place, very elegant and the dishes were just incredible. A memorable experience. I had a appetizer, fried goose liver with honey grilled apple, dried plums and the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten (and I’m not a mashed potatoes “fan”).  The fried goose liver melted in my mouth; it was perfectly cooked.

The main dish, was steak a la Budapest; a well done beef steak, with baked potatoes and hungarian “lecho” (a vegetables stew).  Just perfect!

And the desserts…. Oh, if you love dessert, it’s the perfect place to be. It’s a pastry shop and one of the best hungarian chocolate manufacturer. It’s like in heaven: good chocolate, all you want made from marzipan, bonbons  and cakes.  I had a “gourmet selection”, 3 mini cake slices, the most famous hungarian desserts: the dobos cake, the Esterhazy cake and a dark chocolate cake, served with fresh fruits and chocolate bonbons.  And they were incredible.

best hungarian dishes goose liver mashed potatoes honey grilled apple and plums at szamos budapest

best hungarian dishes - steak a la budapest szamos palace

best hungarian desserts - gourmet selection dessert at szamos palace budapest.03

best hungarian deserts- chocolate bonbons szamos budapest

best hungarian deserts- chocolate bonbons szamos budapest

The second stop was at Vigando Restaurant, placed in Buda, near Bathany ter (bus station). It’s a traditional hungarian restaurant, a cozy place with delicious food and great view to the parliament building. Here we had great traditional hungarian dishes: dumplings with chicken paprikas (best hungarian meal), served with sour cream, a delicious and big  main dish; a creamy veal soup served in a bread ball (crispy outside and soft & pufy inside), perfect for a cold evening.

In the second evening, I had a chicken breast with honey spiced sauce, coated in a pancake, with grilled vegetables. It wasn’t a traditional hungarian meal, but it was delicious, again.

So, if you ever go to visit Budapest, please try the hungarian dishes, they are delicious.

best hungarian dishes - chicken breast with dumplings and cream vigando

best hungarian dishes - veal soup breadball vigando budapest

best hungarian dishes - grilled vegetables chicken breast honey spiced pancake vigando


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