Cherry Cheese Cake Recipe

  • Yield : 8
  • Servings : 8
  • Prep Time : 20m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 60m

Cherry Cheese Cake Recipe

This cherry cheese cake is my mom favorite dessert. And I make this cheese cake every year, for she’s birthday. She love the flufy  ricotta cheese cream and those sweet red  cherries like a little surprises in a light cheese cake. And the red jelly from the top make this cherry  cheese cake  absolute  charming. If you want to get a light and flufy cream, it’s  important to use a good ricotta cheese and to beat well the cream. Also, you can use fresh cherries  or compote.

If you don’t like to bake, you can buy a layer cake, and you’ll have a quick and no bake cherry cheese cake.


  • 3 eggs
  • 125 g flour
  • 125 g sugar
  • a pinch of baking soda
  • 150 cherry compote
  • 300 g ricotta cheese
  • 100 g whipped cream
  • 20 g vanilla sugar
  • 1 pkt gelatine powder


Step 01

Beat the egg whites whith sugar. In a large bowl mix the egg yolks with the melted butter. Add the flour mixed with baking powder, bit by bit. Add the beaten egg whites , and mix gently from down to top.

Step 02

Put 3/4 of dough in  a  cake tin, then add the cherries. Add the rest of dough and bake for 30-40 min.

Step 03

Make a soft cream, mixing the ricotta cheese with cream and vanilla sugar. Spread the cheese cream on the layer.

Step 04

For decoration you can top the cheese cake with cherry or you can use red jelly. It’ll look great.

Boil the gelatine powder for 1 min with the cherry juice.

Spread the jelly on the cheese cream, and put the cherry cheese cake in he fridge for 30 min.

beaten egg whites

cheese cream dough

cheese cake dough

cherry cheese cake

cherry cake

ricota cheese cream

cheese cak

Valentine’s Day Cake

cherry cheese cake 2


Valentine’s Day Cake 2


I want a simple, but a..

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