Vegetables Stew (Zacusca) In A Jar

  • Yield : 18
  • Servings : 1
  • Prep Time : 2m
  • Cook Time : 3m
  • Ready In : 5m

Vegetables Stew (Zacusca) In A Jar

Autumn in a jar… Yes, is true, we can have this. In Europe, we call it “zacusca”. And it is a delicious mix, a organic autumn vegatables stew, in a small jar, for the next cold winter. For zacusca (vegetables stew), you need eggplants, bellpeppers, onion, and dried bean. It is a easy recipe, just chop all the fresh vegetables and boil them for 2-3 hours. You need some time, but trust me, it worth. You’ll have all the autumn’s flavours in a jar.


  • 5 kg eggplants (aubergine)
  • 5 kg bellpeppers
  • 1 kg onion
  • 1,5 kg dried bean
  • 1 l tomatoes sauce
  • 0,75 l oil
  • 0,25 l oil (for sterilization)


Step 01

Wash the bellpeppers, remove the  pits and chop them. Do  the same with the onions. Grill the eggplants, remove the skin and chop them too.

Boil the dried bean and blend it.

Mix all the vegetables in a big pot, add the tomatoes sauce, the oil, salt and pepper and boil for 2-3 hour, stirring constant.

Step 02

When the vegetables stew is boiled, put the mix in jars. For sterilization, boil the oil, and cover every jar with a tea spoon of boiled oil. It’s very important to let the vegetables stew jars to cold slowly. I recomand you to cover the jars with a blanket, and let them to the room temperature for 1-2 days. We use to eat zacusca every vinter with homemade bread.

bell peppers zacusca (vegetable stew)


dried bean zacusca (vegetable stew)


vegetable stew recipe zacusca


vegetable stew (zacusca) recipe


zacusca recipe

I want a simple, but a delicious life. So I try simple recipes, with simple ingredients and I hope for a delicious result. Hope you'll like my easy recipes and you'll have a delicous life too :)

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