With love, from Budapest - The Best Hungarian Sweets

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The Best Hungarian Sweets

In this weekend I discovered my favourite place in Budapest (and the best hungarian sweets): the Ruszwurm confectioner’s - a magic from the past in the present, in neighbourhood of Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church.  Founded in 1827, is the oldest confectionery of Europe:  a  small room with classic furniture, that still includes the cherywooden counter made by master joiner Krautsider and the dialplate of the clock from the age of Ferencz I, romantic athmosphere  and a nice history. In this little confectioner worked the ” father ” of one of the most favorite sweeteners, the Linzer, wich was named after the hungarian liutenant Rudolf Linzer.

oldest european confectionery

You feel the magic of the good old days from the doorway: there are glass cabinets on either side, with small knick - knacks of the confectionery from the last 50 years, furniture that suggests the Biedermeier athmosphere of the old period when the consumption of sweet products was one of the most characteristic delights and the  nice smile of one of the waiters.

ruszwurm budapest

The Ruszrum confectioner’s offers  only its own cakes, preserving the traditions of the hungarian sweets: Linzer - one of the “oldest” pie recipe, Samloi Galuska (sponge cake with sweet syrop, whiped cream toped with  melted chocolate and raisins), Esterhazy cake (named after the Esterhazy dukes - with the pastry layers made from almonds), Matyas cake (with a lot of marzipan) and Dobos (the flaship of the hungarian confectionery industry).

best hungarian sweets

hungarian sweets


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