Tradional Carbonara Pasta Recipe?

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 Tradional Carbonara Pasta Recipe?

I wonder how many  traditional carbonara pasta recipes exist…5? 10? 50? 100?  And what is carbonara anyway??! A italian pasta recipe, a sauce or what everybody whant, or what his mamma/grandma use to made….. In any restaurant I was, a have ate  another ” tradional carbonara pasta”. I understand that it’s important for every chef to make carbonara is his style, with his favourite ingredients, but  I  don’t understand why they insist to call it ‘original/traditional carbonara pasta’ recipe.

In many parts of the word, onion, basil, garlic, butter, cream or other herbs are added at carbonara, but for the original  carbonara pasta  recipe  only five inrgedients are permitted: pasta, pancetta (guanciale or bacon :) ), eggs yolk, pecorino cheese and black pepper.

Here are a few tips for make a quick and easy dish of traditional carbonara pasta:

  • use the traditional spaghetti
  • use the traditional ingredients: pancetta (guanciale), pecorino cheese and fresh eggs  yolk
  • bring eggs at  room temperature
  • use only the egg yolk
  • don’t scarmble the egg yolks; use them raw
  • don’t oversalting the pasta water
  • do not let the bacon/pancetta/guanciale go to crispy
  • use smokey bacon


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