With love, from sweet Europe

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With love, from sweet Europe

Today I want to tell you about my delicious holiday, in the sweet Europe. In Wien, exactly. So, my first stop wast at the Imperial Bakery Schonbrunn, at the traditional viennese strudel show. Imagine how it is to feel in the air the smell of a hot viennese strudel, in a  old castle’s yard (Schonbrunn was the summer residence of the princess Sissy). In a small room, full of fresh apples, apples jam, and small  rolling pins, with white chairs and a warm light, a nice lady show you how to make the traditional viennese apple strudel (the strudel dough, the apples filling, how to roll the viennese apple strudel and how much to bake it) - I’ll show you a nice video about how to make the viennese strudel.

wiennese strudel show



how to make a wiennese strudel

wiennes strudel show

how to make a apple strudel

Next stop, at  the Danube Tour, for a Banana Spilt & a Ice Coffee. What made that Banana Split  so special? The wiew :) At 252 metre above city level, the Danube Tower is Austria’s highest building. The Panaroma Cafe, at 160 m, offer you the best wiew of Wien and a delicious banana split :)

banana split danube tower

And the great wiew….

danube tower wiew


danube tower wiew 2

And, the last stop, was in Budapest, at the Ruszwurm Confectionery. Once again, at my favourite place of whole Hungary, the oldest confectionery of the Europe, with the best cakes and sweets and everything :) . I love so much, this small confectionery, with the delicious cakes, biscuits and pie. For this time, I tried the house speciality and a wine cream cake. Absolutely delicious, both of them.

best hungarian sweets

hungarian sweets

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