Best Christmas Cookies Ideas

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Best Christmas Cookies Ideas

Oh, it’s smell like Christmas: evergreen & cinnamon, mulled wine & hot cookies.

The most frequent question: what cookies you’ll make for Christmas this year? The most frequent answer: wtf?! I don’t know! Something quick & easy; delicious; to cute to eat. My sugestion is to choose between Christmas cookies and cupcakes. All you need is a little bit of imagination. From a classic fingercookie dough you can have  fairytale Christmas cookies. Try simple recipes, like cupcakes or cookies and use natural colorants to get the Christmas magic in your kitchen.

1. Christmas Cookies

Like I said, from a simple cookie dough, you can have anything you want for Christmas; all you need is some imagination. You can make the Christmas cookies with your kids, they have a lot of imagination, you’ll be surprised.

First step: prepare the glaze. Melt white chocolate on a double boiler, then put it in small recipients and mix it with natural colorants.

The second step, roll out the dough over the table, and cut it in any shape you want. You can have smiley snowmans, little houses, Santa’s boots, big ribbons, Christmas trees, snowflakes & co. Now, use you imaginations and your colorants and give them some magic.


best 20 christmas cookies (Customm(


elegant christmas cookies (Custom)

personalized christmas cookies (Custom)

elegant christmas cookies recipe (Custom)

elegant christmas cookies recipe (Custom)

snowman christmas cookies (Custom)

3D christmas cookies

easy melting snowmen recipe (Custom)

 2. Christmas Cupcakes Ideas

You know that the cupcakes are perfect for any ocasion, so this year you can choose from this amazing Christmas cupcakes for some inspiration :p

You can make even more that you made with the Christmas cookies. For example, you can get little miracles from fondant.  Also, you can buy a lot of fondant decorations and use them on the top of your creamy cupcakes.

christmas cupcakes (2) (Custom)

christmas cupcakes (2) (Custom)

christmas wreath cupcake (Custom)

pink christmas cupcakes idea

christmas-trees cupcakes (Custom)

best christmas wreath cupcakes (Custom)

snow flakes cupcakes

snow flakes cupcakes

christmas balls cupcake (Custom)

christmas cupcakes ideas (Customm)

elegant christmas cupcake (Custom)

christmas cookies trees

candy cane cupcakes (Custom)

cupcakes for christma

christmas cupcakes

christmas cupcakes red & white

christmas present cupcake (Custom)

snow christmas cupcakes (Custom)

christmas gift cookies white ribbons

Christmas cupcake

christmas cupcakes for kids (Custom)






















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