Best Honey Homemade Face Mask

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Best Honey Homemade Face Mask

Prepare your skin for winter and for Christmas holidays. If you want to have a fresh and healthy look in the Christmas and New Year’s eve, use honey. Yes, the delicious ingredient, used in every kitchen, is a blessing for your skin. Because honey is one of the best moisturizers ever, you can use it for all skin types.

Mix honey with different organic ingredinets, according to your skin type, and always aply the honey mask over the clean face.

        1. Honey and lemon juice face mask

For acne, make a quick mask for oily skin from 1 table spoon of honey and 1 table spoon of fresh squizzed lemon juice. Aply on the clean face for 15-20 min. You’ll have a fresh & healthy skin.

       2. Honey, youghurt and banana  face mask

The advantage of this honey mask is that while the youghurt clean your pores, the honey nourish your skin.

Mix 1 tbls of honey with 1 tbls of youghurt and 1/2 of smashed banana. Aply on face for 15 min, than remove with mineral water.

honey and banana face mask

       3.  Honey and egg face mask

This honey  face mask can be used for any skin type. If you have a normal skin use 1 egg and 2 tbls of honey.

For a oily skin, use just the white egg and honey.

For a dry skin, use the yolk and honey.

Aply on face for 15 min.

honey and egg face mask

      4. Honey and avocado face mask

Smash 1/2 of a avocado and mix it with 2 tbls of honey. Aply on face for 15 - 20 min, than remove and aply a moisturizing face cream.

honey and avocado face mask

       5. Honey and clay face mask

The clay clean your pores, and the honey and milk nourish your skin. This honey face  mask is perfect  for every skin type.

Mix 1 tbls of clay with 1 tbls of honey and 2 tbls of milk, until you have a soft mix. Aply on face for 15 min.

honey and clay face mask


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