My top 5 breakfast recipes

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My top 5 breakfast recipes

I’m a food minded. But I’m always on the rush. So, I need some breakfast recipes wich are easy to do, quick (very quick), healthy and delicious, of course. I tried a lot of recipes - whole grains, youghurt, sandwich, eggs, salads, toasts, pancakes & co, and I made my own top 5 breakfast recipes: with simple and ingredients, healthy combinations and delicious.

1. Yoghurt, musli & banana

The holly greek yoghurt, with muesli and a sliced banana. Topped with honey and shreded coconut. Health in a bowl (a large one :p).  A natural digestion’s help (the yoghurt, muesli & honey; 3  miracolus ingredients for your digestion), this combination is a consistent & healthy  breakfast.

top 5 breakfast recipes yogurt banana muesli

2. Mozzarella toast

Always on rush, I need something quick, but delicious. So, my mozzarella toast save my ass (and my belly)  in the morning:  I lay some mozzarella on a tost, fresh sliced tomatoes, spring onions and fresh basil. Salt & pepper and I sprinkle with olive oil. 7 minutes in the owen, and I have a delicious toast, with melted mozzarella (oh, that one is a blessing) & baked tomatoes. Just perfect.

top 5 breakfast recipes- mozzarela toast with baked tomatoes

3. Egg Muffins

This one, is for a saturday breakfast.   A new look for the eggs & ham breakfast; 3 ingredients recipe, a healthy option for eggs (baked, not fried ) and a delicious muffin. Here is the recipe

top 5 breakfast recipes- eggs muffin

4. Banana smoothie

Oh, banana smoothie is one of my favourites. I love bananas, they are healthy, consistent and delicious. For my breakfast smoothie I blend a big banana, some fresh ginger, yoghurt and honey. 4 healthy ingredients that offer me one of the best smoothies.

top breakfast recipe - banana smoothie

5 Ricotta cheese with fresh  wheat germs

Oh, ricotta cheese!!! The italian one, homemade; soft, light & creamy. On a whole grains bread (homemade, if you can 🙂 ), spread some ricotta cheese, salt to taste and sprinkle with fresh wheat germs. I used wheat germs only in salad, until in a saturday morning, when I discovered the combination between ricotta cheese and fresh wheat germs: delicious.

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