DIY: Best Natural Coloured Easter Eggs

  • Yield : 10
  • Servings : 10
  • Prep Time : 15m
  • Cook Time : 20m
  • Ready In : 35m

1. DIY: Best  Natural Coloured Easter Eggs

Make a DIY project family this year, and choose natural coloured Easter eggs. You need some red onion skins, vinegar, eggs and a large pot. Wash well the eggs with water mixed with vinegar (at room temperature). For the natural red colour you can use onion skins ( for 10 eggs use skins from 2 kg of onions).  In a large pot bring the eggs to boil then add the red onion skins (if you use red onion skins you’ll have a intense red coloured eggs; if you use yellow onion skins you’ll have a nice natural orange colour for the Easter eggs). Simmer for 20 minutes, then remove the eggs from the liquid (lay them on a paper napkin). For shiny natural coloured eggs, use some pork grease or cooking oil.

For  the best natural coloured easter eggs you need something more. Some fresh herbs and a old tights (no, it’s not a joke).  You need to wash the eggs; the process is almost  the same; then wet a small fresh herb and lay it on the egg. Cover the egg and the herb carrefuly with a tight and bend it. Do the same with all eggs, use differents fresh herbs, and you’ll have the best natural coloured Easter eggs.

If you have imagination (and some talent :p) you can paint the Easter Eggs. In Europe, people make from Easter Eggs a real art. They paint every egg in a different way (a cross, leafs or different flowers). The process involves a lot of paints and wax.

You can have any colour you want for the Easter eggs in a natural way, the process is the same (you need to boil the eggs with the fresh leaves/vegetables and a little bit vinegar).

  • for  green natural coloured eggs use spinach leaves
  • for blue natural coloured eggs use red cabbage or blueberries
  • for yellow natural coloured eggs use carrots or turmenic
  • for dark pink natural coloured eggs use beet (slices )

best natural decorated easter eggs

how to decorate easter eggs in a natural way

natural ways to colour easter eggs

easter eggs natural colors (Medium)


natural coloured easter eggs 2 (Medium)

romanian decorated easter eggs (Custom)


best decorated easter eggs (Custom)


decorated european easter eggs (Custom)

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