With love, from Provence

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With love, from Provence, France

Herbs. Lavender. Mustard. Tapenade. Salad Nicoise. Onion soup.Provence; France. Perfection.

My dream came true. Last week I went to Provence, France. Oh, there is the herbs paradise. And the lavender land, of course.

Fist day, Nice. A sunny day, in a sunny city at the Mediteranean Sea. I started with theirs  speciality, Salad Nicoise: tuna, green beans, eggs, Nicoise olives, tomatoes, anchovies, served with vinaigrette.

salad nicoise

The next stop was in the Place  Rosetti at Fennochio. I don’t know how many ice cream flavours are there, but I can tell this: the ice cream is incredible!! Lavander, Orange Flower, verveine, figs, pepper, cactus, yes, all this are ice cream flavours at Fennochio.

ice cream flavours fennochio

For afternoon I recomand a walk on the beach, and for the evening a french dinner on the beach: a good wine and a special cheese.

Another must: a dinner in the Saleya Cours (the flowers market), or in the old ville Nice.

Day 2, Provence’s villages: St Paul de Vence, Valbone, Cagnes sur mer, Grasse.

In Valbone, Friday is a market day. And trust me, is a blessing. You can buy traditional products like lavender honey, homemade cheese specialities, homemade lavender soap, syrups, and of course, tapenade (a french speciality made from pounded  olives and capers).

St Paul de Vence it’s the artists paradise. Art galleries all over the place. That small city is a art gallery itself.

And, of course, the herbs paradise. In St Paul de Vence, a old lady has a small shop with traditional products. There you can find any Provence herbs you want, a lot of lavander (anything you want with lavander), fine mustards, homemade tapenade, syrups, etc.

provence syrups

provence herbs

french mustard


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