Saint Nicholas Day

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Saint Nicholas Day

Many european countries celebrate Saint Nicholas Day on 6th December.  So,on the eve of 5th December  children left outside the front door their shoes to be filled with sweets.

saint nicholas boots

They believe that if they were good, they will receive a lot of goodies, and if they were naughty, they will receive  switches (a small branch like a little broom). In some countries, switches are a emblem of the Saint Nicholas Day celebration and they are the only present that children receive it among with chocolate and oranges.In other countries children left in their boots cookies, hay or carrots for the old good man who bring them presents . Don’t forget to check your boots tomorow :)

saint nicholas switches

And, for they who want to leave something sweet in their boots, here is a easy meringue cookies recipe. Saint Nicholas will just love them, and maybe  he will leave something for you two.

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